Sean is the Founder and CEO of Opilio, a custom AI and machine learning software company. Through his leadership experience at Opilio and background in the healthcare industry, Sean has cemented himself as a thought leader and was chosen to be on the cover of the upcoming 2023 Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs magazine.

Fun fact: Opilio is Latin for shepherd.

Shepherd's Gate

Sean is cognizant of how disruptive AI and automation technologies are poised to diminish and potentially replace jobs over the next five years. Sean founded Shepherd's Gate, a 501(c) non-profit entity that is committed to providing educational, training, and financial support to American workers displaced by disease, disability, or distruptive technology.

Opilio Shepherd forward Opilio Shepherd forward
Shepherds Gate Truth and LifeShepherds Gate Truth and Life
Kingdom Circle
Kingdom Circle
Leadership Philosophy

Sean's leadership philosophy is based on the tenets of spiritual wisdom and servant-leadership, with his own twist. Coined "Shepherd" or "Sheepdog" Leadership, Sean believes a strong leader can adapt to the individual, team, and community to which they serve. A great leader can teach, guide, motivate, inspire, and empower from any position. The ability to find coherence and congruence in words and actions with the humility and confidence to lead with from behind, at the side, and in front is what makes Sean's leadership style powerful and unique.

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