I take a holistic approach to my coaching...

"Truth cannot be compartmentalized," as Dr. Billy Alsbrooks said, and the same is true for our lives. The health of our personal life, careers, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and mindset are all intertwined. Deficiencies in one area of life hold us back and block growth in other areas.

For this reason, I don't split my coaching content and programs between life and career coaching. My courses are relevant and applicable to all areas of life. As a person progresses, I do offer "tracks" that are designed to be more focused on a primary life path and career.

Tracks are for those who have already gone through the first two courses or are already familiar and well-established in their journey to peak performance. The tracks are also the primary options for corporate and organizational coaching events, retreats, and seminars.

Lastly, I do offer two types of affiliate programs if you also feel called to impact lives through your message.

All current and future coaching courses and content are and will be made available on my community-driven app, Kingdom Circle. Access and download the mobile app, compatible on both iOS and Android, by clicking the button below.

Lastly, before jumping into any of the paid courses, I strongly encourage you to answer a few simple questions and take advantage of your free complimentary coaching call to discover the pathway that is tailored to you and fits your current mindset, budget, and long-term goals, through the video survey below.

Course Layout
  1. Foundations of Peak Performance - This course is self-study and available for free in the Resonate Community on the Kingdom Circle app.

  2. Resonate Principles of Peak Performance - Based on Sean's first book, this course is a deep dive into the system and principles to produce life-long habits of peak performance and excellence. This course is available in my Inner Circle on the Kingdom Circle app. By becoming an Inner Circle member, you get lifetime access to the Resonate course, which comprises group workshops with self-study and optional one-on-one coaching.

  3. One-on-one Coaching Focus tracks:

    1. Visionary - the Visionary track is a deep dive into general and organizational leadership, presence, personal branding, and using your unique gifts to make a greater impact on the world.

    2. Future-proof - Inspired by the book Sean is currently writing, the Future-proof track is an AI, automation, and machine learning course that is structured more similarly to a college class. Based on a special relationship with one of Opilio's partnerships, we grant Future-proof students access to an industry-leading machine learning and AI platform application where they gain hands-on experience building complex AI solutions. The Future-proof course also includes access to our partner's knowledge center, and the course fee includes the cost of their third-party certification course. Members who complete the third-party course and our Future-proof course will leave with tangible, real-world skills and a respected third-party certification to keep them relevant and valuable through this disruptive period in our economy.

    3. Rainmaker - the Rainmaker track is a neuroscience and emotion-based sales training course that will challenge members to master the techniques and skillset to sell products and services based on the psychology of prospective buyers with an emphasis on ethical selling and delivering value.

    4. Unconquerable - the Unconquerable track is similar to the visionary track but is focused on people dedicated to a sport, the arts, or another similar craft.

    5. Other focuses by request - with Sean's adaptable coaching philosophy, he can take on other focus areas by request. However, there may be other coaches better suited for your needs. We will be transparent and connect you to another coach or program if we do not feel like we can add the most value to your desired subject of focus.

      Financing options are available.

Sean K. Shahkarami consulting and strategy developmentSean K. Shahkarami consulting and strategy development

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