Hey, I'm Sean.

I am a life, business, and brand strategist that builds breakthrough peak performance for my clients.

I move brands and people, predominantly professional athletes, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and founders, into breakthrough moments to empower them to step into their purpose and reach their full potential.


Sean K. Shahkarami consulting and strategy development
Sean K. Shahkarami consulting and strategy development

I can help you break through the barriers that stand in the way of your mindset, career & life goals

Believe me, it's not an easy journey and I learned the hard way. Let me save you time, pain, and stress. I began on my path to find purpose and peak performance in my life about ten years ago after a traumatic car accident that probably should have taken my life. I zigzagged my way between my own breakthroughs, trials, and triumphs to become one of the youngest directors in a global accounting and consulting firm, leading cross-border and cross-functional teams and selling nearly $2M in originated revenue.

Despite all of my career achievements, my favorite part of my job was coaching my colleagues. In the time I was a consultant, I was able to coach five people to promotions and positively impact many others. The fulfillment and purpose I felt watching them succeed far outweighed any other personal success. I decided to expand my reach and help as many people as possible experience breakthroughs and move closer to accomplishing their life's biggest goals.

Sean K. Shahkarami consulting and strategy development
Sean K. Shahkarami consulting and strategy development

My Why

At some point, you have probably heard the importance of having a strong reason that becomes a driving force for you to keep growing when the difficulties of life start wearing you down.

Although having a strong "why" has become a cliché, that does not make it any less important. I coach because I have had to face and overcome a lot of adversity in my life. From my car accident and corresponding identity crisis to losing a close friend in a separate car accident, dealing with the consequences of my parent's broken marriage, beating weight issues and obesity twice, and battling a long, severe case of COVID, along with the more common trials and obstacles in life like when I was passed up for a promotion that I knew I deserved, becoming an entrepreneur, and starting and raising a family of my own.

My story is relatable and has given me a unique perspective and the tools required to find success in my own career and family life amidst a backdrop of chaos and uncertainty. I coach because I want to help guide other people through their own trials to become better, stronger, more fulfilled people. Going through the crucible of life is a prerequisite to leading a life of purpose and excellence, and I can assure you that if you want to be successful, you won't be spared from the furnace. Still, it is easier to have someone by your side who has already been through the fire and can support you through the flames.

My principles

Embrace a mindset of constant learning and improvement to reach new heights in personal and professional development.

Resilience and Adaptability

Authenticity and Integrity

Continuous Growth

Operate with honesty, transparency, and authenticity to build trust and foster meaningful connections with others.

Develop the ability to bounce back from challenges and adapt to changing circumstances, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Who I Get Coached By

I walk the walk before I talk the talk, and I am actively learning from and being coached by the following people and programs:

  • Marcus Taylor

  • Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

  • The Flow Research Collective

  • Tony Robbins Inner Circle

  • Sounds True Inner MBA

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